Online Casino Gamers Have a New Way to Pay

Online gaming is one of the best ways for casino gamers to enjoy the games they want, and it just got easier. BitCoin, the virtual currency accepted almost everywhere, has taken the world by storm. Along with being able to buy from almost any online retailer, gamers can now deposit their favorite digital currency on NetEnt casinos. This means that gamers can have the safety, security, anonymity, and convenience of using digital currency on their favorite online games.

Best of all, NetEnt casinos offer a bonus to those who are signing up for a new account and depositing funds for the first time. This means that not only do gamers get the benefits of using safe and secure digital currency, they also get a bonus for signing up at a reputable online casino to play. Users can pay in Euros, Pounds, Dollars, or BitCoins. Although all forms are accepted only BitCoin digital currency is secured with digital encryption and secured with anonymous accounts.

BitCoins have grown in popularity in the past few years, but not everyone is familiar with this new form of currency. Unlike other currencies BitCoin doesn’t require a bank to deposit funds. Users will deposit and withdraw their funds from a BitCoin wallet. A bitCoin wallet can be accessed online and funds can be converted to local currency depending on the current conversion rate. Currently, one BitCoin is worth three hundred and twenty five dollars, two hundred and seventy one Euro, or two hundred and twelve pounds. Users can simply deposit funds in their wallet and use them to play one of hundreds of games available at Vera John casinos.