Bitcoin: Not Just for Criminals

bitcoin_12For many people, the idea of digital currencies is closely tied to the idea of criminals carrying out transactions out of sight of the rest of the world. This isn’t really an issue with the currencies themselves. Instead, it’s a reflection on the fact that many people had never heard of Bitcoin before the news started talking about Silk Road being taken apart by the government of the United States. While there are characteristics of the currency that make it particularly attractive to people who are interested in setting up criminal transaction, those are the same characteristics that can help to protect honest people as well. Continue reading

While Ensuring Security in the Present, Bitcoin Developers Look Toward the Future

bitcoin2The virtual currency Bitcoin has attracted an impressive amount of attention in recent times. The first truly successful effort at creating a distributed currency, it stemmed from the efforts of a programmer who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto. After releasing the currency to the world and kick-starting the mining activities that create new coins, the programmer went underground and has not been heard from in any substantive way since. Continue reading

Online Casino Gamers Have a New Way to Pay

Online gaming is one of the best ways for casino gamers to enjoy the games they want, and it just got easier. BitCoin, the virtual currency accepted almost everywhere, has taken the world by storm. Along with being able to buy from almost any online retailer, gamers can now deposit their favorite digital currency on NetEnt casinos. This means that gamers can have the safety, security, anonymity, and convenience of using digital currency on their favorite online games. Continue reading